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A Flavor Legend Vita

VİTA, Turkey in 1953, is the first brand to introduce the oil. It has been on our tables for about 70 years with its unique smell and taste without compromising its quality since the 1950s, adding flavor to our meals. For this reason, VITA is a “Legend of Taste” that has been on our tables for years. VİTA many years have met the needs of a significant portion of the oil in Turkey, it has been indispensable taste of Turkish cuisine. For this reason, VITA has replaced the words oil and margarine in our country.

With its herbal composition that does not contain trans fat, VITA continues to take its place on the shelves by being produced at the highest quality for years and preserving its legendary taste. It adds the legendary flavor to all dishes, pastries and desserts with its special formula consisting entirely of vegetable oils, without water, chemicals, preservatives, additives and enriched with vitamins A and D.

In addition to leaving a unique taste on the palate, the VITA flavor legend, which is loved enough to take place in the most beautiful memories, with colorful flowers in flowerpots, continues to add legendary flavor to your meals with its unchanging taste, smell and quality you have known for years.

Make room for the Vita flavor legend in your tables.

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